WordPress Calls to Action (WP Plugin Tuesday No. 3)

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Calls to Action  WordPress Plugin

Hey Marketeers!! This one’s for you!!

Does your WordPress site need a Call to Action (CTA) button? Usually, we are trying to get our visitors to do something from a page. Sign up for a newsletter, start an enrollment or do a download are just a few ways a Call To Action can be used.

If that’s what you need then the WordPress Call to Action plugin is your best bet.

It is reasonably easy to use and it does it all. Here’s most of what you can do with it:

  1. Use a template or create your own Call to Action button. No coding knowledge is needed to style your CTA (but it never hurts to know some CSS to refine the appearance of your CTA).
  2. Place your CTA just about anywhere on any page or post. Your CTA can go into the content area or in a sidebar.
  3. Easily see how many times a CTA has been viewed and how many conversions you get for each CTA. That’s right, you can have different CTAs to do different things.
  4. Do A/B testing. Set up as many variations of any CTA and see which one generates the most conversions. No more guessing what works!!

Here’s the video on how WordPress CTA plugin works.

Download the plugin at wordpress.org.

I’ve yet to implement this plugin for my site but I’m dying to give it a try.

Oh yes, you can add a form right into this plugin so you can capture data like First and Last Names, Email Addresses, etc.

Here’s where to get loads more on this plugin and to see a few Hot To Videos.


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