Redirection (WP Plugin Tuesday No. 5)

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Redireciton WordPress Plugin

I finally get to talk about one of my favorite WP plugins. Ok, it’s not sexy but it is so useful.

What happens when you change a URL?
(That could really nasty for other pages and search engines who refer to that URL).

What if you mistype a URL in an email campaign?
(Happened to me.)

What if you want to shorten a URL without using a link shortening service.

That’s where the Redirection plugin cones in. Just tell it what URL is replacing another URL and users will automagically be sent to the new URL.

No more messy around with configuring a .htaccess file to do this dirty work for you!!

A nice extra is that the plugin keeps track of how many times it directs a user from an old URL to a new one.

Get the plugin at


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