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Live Chat is getting very popular on the web. I think it’s a pretty interesting way to interact immediately with your audience. People don’t want to bother with email. They want you and they want you now!!

Enter Zopim, a Live Chat service you can use via a WordPress plugin. Yeah, I know it sounds like a drug to treat depresssion, but it’s really one of many plugins that allow for real time engagement.

Where can you see Zopim in action and give it a test run? Look at the bottom right corner of this page. There it is! Whether I am online or off, you can reach me. If it says
“Offline,” you can still send a message that I will get via email. If I am Online, we’ll have a chat.

Zopim really works. I have answered questions from prospective students and gotten some new business as a result of it.

The Zopim plugin lets you connect your site to Zopim’s third party back end service. It’s easy to set up an account where you will have 14 days of full service. Even if you end up with the free version, there are still plenty of good features.

Here are the things I find easy to do with the Zopim admin:

  • Adjust the messages users see in the plugin.
  • Respond to people right from the History tab or just use a favorite chat app.
  • Toggle on and offline whether I am online or not (it will switch to offline over time if I go away).

So give it a try. You can download the Zopim plugin from your WP admin or get the Zopim Live Chat from

Here are 3 short videos that talk up Zopim’s features. The first one is from Zopim.

Did you see that? You don’t have to wait for someone to contact you with Zopim. Just initiate a chat with someone who is perusing something on your site. That is a little creepy!

Zopim travels well. There is a Zopim app for the iPhone and iPad and probably other mobile devices too.

Are you using a live chat plugin? Have you had good results?

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