Meta Slider (WP Plugin Tuesday No. 1)

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Web page sliders have become all the rage these days.

I’ve tried a lot of image slider plugins for WordPress, from Sliderly to Revolution. The one I love is Meta Slider because it’s the easiest to use. It gives you just enough options without being overwhelming. That’s my idea of a great plugin.

After installation all you need to do is add your images in their easy to use interface. You choose how you want your images to display using the Flex Slider or Responsive Slider or Nivo Slider (what ever that is) or Coin Slider option.

The slider is place at or near the top of the page depending on the theme you are using. For example, if you are using a theme with horizontal navigation the slider will be place just beneath it.

There are a couple of upgrade options which allow you to do things like add layers to your slider images but the free version will be suitable for most uses.

Get the plugin at

Here is the Meta Slider site where you an see it in action.


3 thoughts on “Meta Slider (WP Plugin Tuesday No. 1)

  1. I don’t like sliders. They hurt my eyes. Web design used to be about avoiding things that made the eyeballs bleed in exchange for the flashy

    • Hey Lisa

      A lot of people don’t like sliders. I get that.

      But a lot do.

      But don’t you worry. They are a fad. Like a lot of web things this too will burn out.

      (Yes, I have mixed feelings abut them).


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