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WordPress is one of the most versatile and user-friendly web publishing applications. It has been enjoying rapid and widespread use over the past few years. Find out how easy it is to make web sites, change or create themes, add plugins and expand your offerings to clients - or maybe you just want to create a new web site for yourself.

WordPress Webinar For A Beginner

You've heard of WordPress - maybe you've even dabbled in it - but you want an overview of how to make it work for you. This is the starter demonstration webinar, the view from 10,000 feet. I will take you through the set-up and options in WordPress. No previous experience is necessary. All you need is the ability to get online which I see you have!!

Take This Webinar And I Will Give You A Free WordPress Site To Practice On!!

"What's a webinar", you ask? It's a live online session where you can see my screen and hear me so I can show you everything you need to know to master WordPress. You'll feel like we are in the same room but we won't be. You can use any computer or tablet for your webinar.

Here's What I'll Teach You

I will go over these topics using the easy to use GoToMeeting.com webinar software. You'll be able to see my desktop as I demonstrate what WordPress is in one hour.

  1. What WordPress is and the difference between wordpress.com and a self-hosted WordPress site.
  2. How to set up a WordPress web site.
  3. What WordPress is made of - HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.
    The good news is you don't have to know any of those (but it sure helps).
  4. A tour of the WordPress menu - from the Dashboard to Settings.
  5. How to make a web page or a post.
  6. WordPress Themes and how they can be customized to meet design requirements.
  7. The power of WordPress plugins and how they extend the functionality of a web site without having to know the PHP programming language.

Getting Started

To schedule a webinar hour, use this PayPal button. The fee for this webinar is $60.

Once I receive payment, I'll email you within 24 hours to set up a time that's good for both of us. Weekends and evenings are good, even ideal. Whatever works for you.

You don't need to have WordPress iPadnstalled on your computer or on a server.

You will see the webinar demonstration live from my desktop using GoToMeeting.com webinar software. It's very easy to install and use. I'll explain it to you in my initial email.

After the webinar is over you'll be able to practice what I will have shown you because I am giving you a free practice WordPress learning site.

Fee: $60.00

Beyond the Basics WordPress Webinar

Don't want your site to have that "WordPress Look?" This is your webinar.

To move beyond the basics, you'll want an understanding of these topics. Choose which ones you'd like me to go over in a one hour webinar, or let me know what you need to learn.

Yes, you can do all of this without being a PHP programmer!! How do I know? I'm not a PHP programmer!!

Getting Started

To schedule a webinar hour, use this PayPal button. The fee for this webinar is $75.

Once I receive payment, I'll email you within 24 hours to set up a time that's good for both of us. Weekends and evenings are good, even ideal. Whatever works for you.

You will see the demonstration live from my desktop using GoToMeeting.com software. It's very easy to install and use. I'll explain it to you in my initial email.

Fee: $75.00


WordPress In Class

For My WP Students In Class In New York City This Is For You

WordPress In Class

You Will Need WordPress installed On A Server For This Class

bluehost logo

You will need a domain name and a web hosting service to host your WordPress Site. I recommend bluehost which is very reliable and has fast and good customer support. Yes, I get a small commission if you follow the link and start an account.

Here is a video on how to install WordPress using a bluehost account.

There are many other hosting services to choose from that will get you set up with a domain name and a web hosting account. The fee is usually about $80 a year.

Why do I love Bluehost?

  1. They have great phone support. You never have to wait long for a smart person to answer your questions.
  2. Their user interface to set up and manage your account is well thought out.
  3. Their technology is excellent. Even on a shared hosting system your site will stay online and perform well.
  4. They are affordable. And even if they are a few bucks more they are worth every penny.

Contact Info

Bud Kraus
973 479 2914

Please fill out this form and submit your information so I can contact you if necessary.

Now's a good time to let me subscribe you to my Joy Of Code Blog. That way you can read about my take on web and web design (that usually means WordPress) just about as fast as I can get it from brain to net. It's a good way to say in touch and a way to find out about classes that I teach in New York City. I go through spurts writing for my blog but if you don't like it you can unsubscribe and I'll still talk to you.

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Syllabus Downloads

Course Material

Download this zip file to have some starter copy and images to make some pages and posts.


The net is choking with a gazillion WP resources. Here are a few that I picked for you and that I use too.

Great Plugins

Many of these are must-have plugins which are used by millions. All of them are plugins I've used.

Links indicate that I've written about that plugin in my blog.

Alternative To Week 4 (FIT Students)

Rather than have me do the "Child Theme Development Show" we can explore more Themes and Plugins. The choice will be up to you, Dear Students.

If this option is chosen by the class you will be encouraged to choose at least one plugin and one theme to report on during our fourth and final class. Please show us the capabilities of the plugin and theme and provide the class with the following information:

Do An Overview

  1. Where did you find the theme or plugin? How many times has it been downloaded? What kind of rating did it get?
  2. Is their a site that gives more info about the theme or plugin?
  3. What do you like or dislike about the plugin or theme?

When You Are Reporting On A Plugin...

  1. Any special steps needed to install the plugin?
  2. What settings are available to change how the plugin works or looks?
  3. Are there other plugins that do the same thing?

When You Are Reporting On A Theme...

  1. What Widgets are available with the theme?
  2. What options are there to change the Header?
  3. Does the theme support Menu functions?
  4. Is the theme responsive to all types of devices?

WordPress Training Suite

The All In One HTML, CSS And WordPress Training Package With An Insane Discount

WordPress Training Suite

Listen up Web Designer wannabees!! This is what you need to learn.

Want to start right now. Here's how

Key Features

The Three Step Web Design Training Process

Intro To HTML First Course

Step One – Learn HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML is the main building block for all web sites. It is used to organize content so that it has meaning. It's a lot like grammar.

In my new class, Intro To HTML! you will read Lessons and do hands-on exercises (Labs) to build your knowledge of HTML. I will review the Lab work that you post to your work space within 48 hours. After Lesson 4, where I teach you how to error check your pages, you should not have any errors in your code. Error checking is the most important Lesson of the class. You can’t proceed to CSS unless – and until – you learn to write good HTML — and I know you will in Step One!!

Take as much time as you need to complete the class. Your schedule is my schedule.

Course Outline

  1. The Basics
  2. Fundamental Elements
  3. Lists
  4. Validation
  5. Links
  6. Images And Videos
  7. Forms
  8. Data Tables
  9. Grouping Elements
  10. A Look At CSS
Practical CSS Second Course

Step Two – Learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

The second part of the package is an introduction to what CSS is and how it works. There will be many hands-on exercises for this part of the class, but I generally do not review these types of exercises.

CSS is used to set the styling requirements of any web site.

There will be two one-hour webinars for this part of your training. The first webinar will be scheduled shortly after you start. The material in this class is in development, but there certainly is plenty there for you to learn.

Course Outline

  1. Markup Redux
  2. Style Sheets Of The Cascade
  3. The Designer Style Sheet
  4. Setting Font And Text Properties
  5. The Box Model
  6. From Lists To Links
  7. Color And Background
  8. Layout
  9. Styling Data Tables
  10. Forms Styling

Plus a whole bunch of new CSS3 exercises that will make your pages pop with eye popping style!!

Note: This class is under development and, given the nature of CSS, it will probably always be that way. The live webinars help you understand how to use the material and fill in the blanks for material that is incomplete.

WordPress Third Course

Step 3 – Putting It All Together With WordPress

In two one-hour private webinars I will show you the following:

Webinar One – Going over all the basics

Webinar Two –Customizing your WordPress theme. (Child theme development).

Other Things You Need To Know

  1. You will have full access to both my HTML and CSS classes after the completion of your training.
  2. I will be using GoToMeeting software for all of the webinars. It is very easy to use. I MAY record the webinars.
  3. The webinars will be done at a mutually convenient time. Nights and weekends are fine with me.
  4. If more than the four webinars are needed, the fee will be based on the material to be presented.


Your investment for the package is $350. This is a savings of $245 based on the following course fees:

Course Title Fee
Intro To HTML $250.
Practical CSS   235.
WordPress Webinars   110.
Less Your Savings
(3-in-1 deal)

If you follow my instructions and are diligent about learning this great stuff, you will master a great deal and find it most worthwhile!

Ready to start? Use this button to pay with PayPal or any credit card.