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Typography, Layout, Color And So Much More

Getting Started With Practical CSS

What do you do after you've taken Intro To HTML? Do you know HTML and maybe have struggled with CSS? Don't know anything about styling web pages?

This class was made for you and it's too much fun!!


Learn How To...

And that was just the short list!!

OK, Here Is How To Start

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you how to get going learning CSS with me.

The fee of $165 covers lifetime access to the material plus an introductory one hour personal webinar that will be scheduled at your convenience.

Once I receive payment I will email you the login URL, user id and password. If you need to contact me call 973 479 2914 or bud@joyofcode.com.

Fee: $165


About The Class

There's A Reason Why Web Sites Look Much Better Than They Once Did

Illustration Of A Butterfly

That reason is CSS - Cascading Style Sheets.

Chances are you've heard of CSS. Perhaps you've even played around with styling your pages but, for whatever reason, you have not quite figured out how it all works.

Stop your fussing and fretting. I'm going to show you how CSS works so you can make your pages look really good in all sorts of devices.

Practical CSS is about teaching you the very useful and cool things you can do with CSS. I will show you how to make professional looking web pages that reallyfloat like that butterfly.


A Class In Development = A Discount For You

Do I have a deal for you?

While much of the material is complete - especially the hands-on exercises - much more work needs to be done on this class that, frankly, will always be in a state of development.

That's why I am not charging a full fee at this time.

But you can start learning CSS with me right now..

Key Benefits

This is what you get when your enroll in the Practical CSS class.

If you really want to learn CSS and get personal attention, this course is just like having your own tutor to help you learn CSS!!


The course has ten lessons and most lessons have lab work to do. A lab is a collection of hands-on exercises organized around a given topic, such as turning lists into fancy navigation interfaces.

You work on the exercises independent of me. However, when you need me to go through the material and answer questions, you can set up a webinar session.

The first webinar is included in the $165 fee and it's mandatory. During that hour I explain how best to learn the material. After that, it's up to you how many webinar hours you'd like. A good estimate is 3 - 5 additional hours, but there's no limit.

That's what the the webinars are for. That's your chance to ask me any questions, even show me what you are working on.

I use GoToMeeting webinar technology where you see my desktop and I see yours as well. It's really ideal for what we want to accomplish. GoToMeeting is very easy to use. A webinar hour can be scheduled at a time that works best for you - many nights and weekends are available.

You - and only you - have unlimited access to the material. You may print any page if it's easier for you to read.

You have no right or authority to otherwise transmit or disseminate by any means any of the material in the class unless you obtain my permission.


Course Outline

Of Course There's A Course Oultine

When you enroll in the Practical CSS class you can take as long as you like to learn and work with any topic. Each lesson has a lab which includes useful hands-on exercises to show you how to set typography, layout and all styling requirements for the balance of your web pages,


What Is CSS?

I thought I'd tell you a few things about how CSS works in case you were not sure

Illustration of CSS

Understanding where the style rules are (in the style sheets) and which ones are seen in a web page (that's the cascade) is critically important in knowing how to use CSS effectively and to leverage what it does to make great looking web sites. It's what I spend a lot of time explaining in Practical CSS.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is what gives life to a web page. It is the system, being developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), that allows us to define the appearance, the layout and typography - the look and feel - of a web page.

The very words "Cascading Style Sheets" define exactly what CSS is and how it works.

Style Sheets? In a web browser that's a distinct group of rules used to set the style of a web page. In a web browser there are 3 style sheets just like you see in this image. The Browser Style Sheet, User Style Sheet and the Designer Style Sheet. Each of those style sheets have style rules that deal with setting a page's background color, font size, family and color, padding, border and margin and so much more!!

Cascade? That's the mechanism (it's really an algorithm) built into every browser. It's purpose is to rank the style rules in the style sheets and assign each style rule a value. The ones with the highest values result in style rules which are honored, meaning style rules that influence how a page looks.

Running Time: 12:35