How To Validate (Error Check) A Web Page

Learning how to error check your HTML code is one of the most important things
you can do for your web page. Plus, it is a good first step towards using
web design standards.

In the video below, I go through the process of checking a page’s markup with
the W3C Markup Validation Service. You’ll see how to upload the file and how
the validator checks the code, line by line. It flags any tag that is out of
sequence or incomplete. It gives you the location of the line where the error
occurred, so the HTML can be corrected and the file re-validated.

Running Time: 10:30.

Check your HTML to see if it’s good with the W3C Markup Validation Service.

Fortunately, HTML have a very simple syntax. Once you understand
it, you will be able to work smoothly with these markup languages. They are
a lot like grammar, in that there are rules you have to follow. Here a
few rules to remember (and it’s exactly what the validator is checking):

The more you use the validator, the less you will have to use it because you
are learning how to write good, error free HTML. However, writing good HTML
doesn’t mean you understand how to correctly use the tags to give meaning to
your content. As I explain later in my video, that’s something only humans
can do for now and in the foreseeable future.

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