How Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Work

If you are not sure how Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) works or even what it is, you’ve come to the right place!!

CSS is what gives life to a web page. It is the
design system, being developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), that allows
us to define the appearance, the layout and typography – the look and feel
– of a web page.

Understanding where the style rules are (in the style sh eets) and which ones
are seen in a web page (that’s the cascade) is critically important in knowing
how to use CSS effectively and to leverage what it does to make great looking
web sites. It’s what I spend a lot of time explaining in my online class, Practical CSS.

The very words “Cascading Style Sheets” define exactly what CSS is and how it works.

Style Sheets? In a web browser that’s a distinct group of rules used to
set the style of a web page. In a web browser there are 3 style sheets which is what I explain in this video. The Browser Style Sheet, User Style Sheet and the
Designer Style Sheet. Each of those style sheets have style rules that deal
with setting a page’s background color, font size, family and color, padding,
border and margin and so much more!!

Running Time: 12:35

Cascade? That’s the mechanism (it’s really an algorithm) built into
every browser. It’s purpose is to rank the style rules in the style sheets
and assign each style rule a value. The ones with the highest values result
in style
rules which are honored, meaning style rules that influence how a page looks.

See the Course Outline for more info on what you will learn in my online class.

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