Easy Modal (WP Plugin Tuesday No. 2)

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Easy Modal WordPress Plugin

A great little plugin I just started using is Easy Modal.

In case you don’t know Modals have more than popped up all over the web in the last year or so. Popped up are the operative words here.

What’s a Modal? When you select a link and a window appears on top of your page as an overlay, that’s a Modal. They are very useful because the user is not taken off the current page.

Modals can be used to display anything — text, images and video.

They are great Calls To Action interfaces. Probably the most popular use of a Modal is to include a form for users to fill in. In this video Easy Modal’s developer, Daniel Iser, explains how to use the popular Contact 7 Form plugin with his Easy Modal Plugin.

If you’re not sure what a Modal is just go to my home page and click the Start Here button.

You can grab Easy Modal from the wordpress.org site.

I know you will find this plugin useful for your WordPress site.


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