Bud Kraus

Photo Of Bud Kraus Working In His Garden

Why Am I Slaving Away In My Garden? You Are Going To Have To Take Intro To HTML To Find Out!!

(If you don’t like this photo of me you’re in good company. I’m not crazy about it too and my wife insists that I take it down but she hasn’t bugged me enough – yet – as you can see.)

Meet Your Friendly Web Design Instructor

Passion to teach web design. That’s a force that keeps me going.

It’s my need to teach you fundamental web design skills to use in the
workplace and at home that drives me. I’ve been doing it,
in one form or another – in settings too numerous to remember – since

I still get a kick out of seeing that light go on that tells me when
someone gets it. So long as the lights keep going on and the magic continue
so will I.

Until I get tired of it – and there are no signs of that – I will continue
to go on teaching with Passion. Plus I’ve got a lot of training
that goes with my enthusiasm.

When I did my first web project in 1996 and began learning HTML, I thought,
"Hey, this is cool stuff. I just have to tell everyone how to
do it because…they can!"What you’ll learn is so empowering!!

I am committed to making your experience with my courses as complete
and fulfilling as possible. I designed it so that you’ll be the only
one in class. It’s a bit like old style tutoring. That means you’ll
get my complete attention – unlike other online courses where there
are so many students that the instructor cannot serve everyone adequately.

Having taught in class and online I’m convinced I’m far more effective
here. It’s just so much easier to review what you’re doing and give
you attention that I can’t give when you’re in class.

To say that you’ll be getting plenty of attention might just be the understatement
of all time.

My Training Experience

Teacher In Front Of A Black Board

I’ve got a ton of web design training experience that goes with the passion.

When you take my classes you’ll be benefiting from more than my desire
to see that you learn how to build web sites. You’ll be getting the
results of my extensive training experience – and more – which began in 1998.

I’ve created and taught my courses for online and in-class training

These are some of the many settings I have taught in:

I’m on the Faculty of Well Known Schools in New York City

Pratt, FIT and Third Ward Logos

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching students from every corner
of the globe.

I’ve lectured on web design in educational and trade association

Here’s a few of the places where I’ve presented my lectures.

I’ve worked on many web projects, from Online Producer to Web Master.

These are a few of my previous positions: