Broken Link Checker (WP Plugin Tuesday No. 4)

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Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

A great WordPress utility plugin that every web site must have is Broken Link Checker. It’s such a great plugin, I don’t understand why it’s not built into the WordPress admin by default.

It’s easy-to-use as it goes about your site looking for all kinds of broken links to webpages, images, videos, downloadable documents, and just anything were a link is used. That is not something you can do manually because even a small site has too many links to check by hand.

No, that’s not me doing this demo but it’s just as well. Jill Woods of Crowd Connections is the presenter and don’t you just love her voice!?!?

One nice feature is getting a periodic email advising what link(s) have become broken.

The plugin allows you to easily address and fix where necessary any broken link on your site.

It’s a must which you can grab from


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