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My Spring Web Design Classes 2014

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Ready to have some fun learning HTML and CSS? How about WordPress? (It’s WAY more than blogging software.) WordPress is hot stuff!! Here are my upcoming NYC classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at Pratt in Manhattan. (No more 3rd Ward classes because they’ve closed their doors). Ah! Think Spring – the time   …Continue Reading

3rd Ward: A Memorial

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A couple of weeks ago, a good friend called to tell me the news. He asked if I had heard that 3rd Ward had closed its doors. Did I know it was bankrupt? Had I seen the article At Once-Promising Brooklyn Arts Center, Creative Hopes Are Dashed in the NYT? Well, this certainly would account   …Continue Reading

4 Tips To Writing Great HTML

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In a time where we have so many templates and frameworks to choose from in designing and developing web sites, does it even matter any more to know how to write good HTML? It sure does! In fact, now more than ever. Take mobile, which is all that anyone ever talks about. Sloppy, bloated code   …Continue Reading