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WEBINAR: How To Move Your Blog To Your Own Self-Hosted WordPress Site

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The way to get the most out of your blog is to move it to the real deal — the self-hosted version of WordPress. If you have a blog on, I’m going to show you how to move your blog to a fully functional, self-hosted WordPress site. In This Webinar You Will Learn:   …Continue Reading

Ask Google?

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What’s going on here? Are Ask and Google about to merge? Not exactly, so let me explain. That face you see when you go to Google looks pretty much the same as it did when they launched 15 years ago. But don’t let that fool you. What happens when you do a Google search is   …Continue Reading

After Words: The Q And A Continues For WordPress A To Z Webinar Series

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There were a lot of great questions asked in today’s first of four webinars on WordPress being given by the Editorial Freelancers Association. I went over the major components to WordPress – the pages, posts and themes. So much to do and so little time to do it. There are more webinars to come and   …Continue Reading