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A Well Formed Document Is A Beautiful Thing

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Something tells me you have never uttered "HTML" and "Marilyn Monroe" in the same breath. I have…and you should too!! What are well formed documents? Resumés, letters, newspapers, books, and magazines are a few examples. All of these documents use a set of well established conventions – semantics – to convey what the words in   …Continue Reading

Real Time Chat For Your WordPress Site

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Live Chat is getting very popular on the web. I think it’s a pretty interesting way to interact immediately with your audience. People don’t want to bother with email. They want you and they want you now!! Enter Zopim, a Live Chat service you can use via a WordPress plugin. Yeah, I know it sounds   …Continue Reading

Confessions Of A Web Design Instructor

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Did you ever hear me say, “HTML Rule No. 1: Every open tag must be closed”? Well, not exactly. Did I make a mistake? Not really, but this is my time to clean up something that has been bothering me for a while. Some closing tags, notably the closing </p> tag, can be omitted and   …Continue Reading